How to schedule a 1-on-1 appointment

Select service and location

First, using the 'Service Select' dropdown, choose which location and service the patron needs. The location part is important, the service is more for my information so selecting 'Other Services' for most appointments will be fine.

Select Appointment Date and Time

When selecting a date and time, sometimes it can take a couple seconds for the application to retrieve the available slots. You can use the forward and back arrows on the calendar to cycle through different months, and you can click on any date that is not grayed out. Changing the month will make the application request a new set of available time slots, which may take a few seconds. Clicking a date will provide you with a list of available times for that date. Times are 24 hour format, I cannot change this as various parts of the application depend on this formatting, however you can hover the mouse cursor over a time to see the 12 hour equivalent.

Fill in information

It is required that a first name, last name, email, and phone number are given.
If phone is left blank, it will auto-fill with the Richmond library phone number.
If email is left blank, a fake email will be generated. At least one real contact needs to be provided in case the patron needs to be contacted.

Confirm appointment

Double-check the information and click 'Confirm'.

If you see this screen then you are done. You can close the window or click the link to return to the booking page. If a patron needs more than a 30 minute appointment, schedule them for 2 consecutive 30 minute appointments.

Any further questions,